Starstruck's Gallery is the premiere recording space in Nashville, and certainly one of the most interesting in the world. The 1,077 square foot main room can accommodate large string sessions, and an integrated modular wall system can create two isolation rooms on the main floor. The second level features a balcony which overlooks the studio, and two isolation rooms with glass walls and floor tiles, providing unparalleled sight lines throughout the recording area.

The spacious control room features an SSL 9000J Series 72 input SSL console and a comprehensive collection of both classic and modern outboard gear. The main monitors are Coastal Acoustics Boxer T5 systems, and a variety of near-field monitors are available.

All audio wiring is balanced, and Mogami OFC cable is used throughout the facility. The Gallery and the Pond control rooms are identical in dimension and acoustic design, and feature the same consoles and outboard gear.

The studio design places as much emphasis on interior design as it does on technology. The lighting is adjustable and programmable, so that you can recall a mood as well as a mix. The furnishings are international in their origins: The terra cotta floor tiles are from England, as are the ceramic and etched glass diffusors on the rear walls of each control room. The slate tiles used in the ceiling treatment are from Africa, the upholstery fabrics are Italian, the wall fabrics are from Belgium, England and India. Hand-made paper from Japan is laminated in the glass panels which line the hallways, all accented with cherry wood trim.